The University was founded in 1920 in Smolensk city. Being a huge country, Russia shares its borders with many countries in eastern and Western Europe, China, Mongolia and North Korea. It has changed its name from Smolensk State Medical Academy to Smolensk State Medical University in March 2020.
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The University is a government medical college recognized by WHO and all countries of the world including USA, UK and India. In the international rating the Smolensk State Medical University is placed on the 10nd position. Today the President of the Smolensk State Medical University is Students from more than 50 countries study here: from India, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sri Lanka and other countries of African, Asian and South American continents.

Smolensk State Medical University

The number of seats in faculty of Medicine per year is 1000, out of which 150 seats are reserved for foreign students. There are 65 departments, where 450 highly qualified teachers are working. There are 31 hospitals working under the Smolensk State Medical Academy out of them 8 hospitals with about 6000 beds are used for education of students. Today this Academy is a big scientific establishment where fundamental, applied and methodical scientific researchers are carried out.



  • Library
  • Class Rooms
  • Hostel
  • Mess
  • Cultural Center
  • Gymnasium
  • Sports


  • Recognized by WHO and other countries including USA, UK and India
  • MBBS in Russia is within the budget

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